Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day Three.

One hour after day three has officially ended, I'm posting, go figure. The whole possibly turning vegetarian thing is going to a hell of alot harder than I thought. It seems all my family eats is meat. Alas, I may have to abandon that idea for another. I'll only eat chicken and fish, fair enough if you ask me.

I've been sleeping with my phone next to my head for the past week or so now. I'm waiting on calls back from three different companies in my quest for a job before school starts. So far I've gotten no calls back from any job I've applied for since June of this year. It's such a blow to my ego to get denied from eight different jobs in only three months. It almost makes me feel incompetent. My spelling is surely off for that one.

This post is so short, oh man. It is past midnight however, so hah! I do think I'm going to bed now. I'll leave you with a picture though. I took it while we were on vacation in Maryland. It's my younger sister and our baby cousin. It's such a precious shot of the two of them. Anyway, goodnight and I hope tomorrow is better than boring ol'today.

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