Monday, August 24, 2009

Day Two.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, what an odd lifestlye one lives with it. Everything I do must be perfect. Alphabetical order is the easiest way to find CDs or DVDs. The fridge being seperated into different areas, i.e fruit, condiments, vegetables, drinks, milk products, and meats. If a pillow is moved on either of my couches from where I originally put it, I freak and have to fix it immediatly. My clothes have to match, down to my shoes. My hair has to look perfect, just the right amount of fly aways but not too much that they are falling out along the sides to my shoulders. So why can't I get my person in order, but I can get my life in order?

Today, I've decided that I may want to become a vegetarian. Last week I had the pleasure to open up two crabs in Maryland. I almost cried while pulling the crab's body in half and watching as the intestines fell apart and as I took the lungs out. I adore tofu already, it wouldn't be a difficult switch at all. The hipster lifestyle may not be for me entirely, but I am definatly going to give the hipster diet a try. Maybe I'll start a vegetable garden in the backyard to top it all off.

Before I can make any kind of commitment, I need a job to support the commitment. I've been looking since the beginning of the summer, applying for a total of eight jobs, only one of them giving me a proper no. Today, I am re-applying for two of those eight jobs. My mother gives me 20$ a week as an allowance, I use it for a manicure as well as my daily Fuse. If either of these two jobs go through I am so hoping to be more on my own.

As for now, I went to Staples and got myself a whiteboard for my fridge so I can keep better track of my upcoming dates and events. It seems to make my parents life easier downstairs, so I figured I'd try it up here. The apartment is a bit of a mess as of late, and I do need to clean it up. Hopefully the check list of What to Do on that whiteboard will motivate me to do it.

Today, eating wise, has been a bit of a struggle. I woke up and had a tuna salad sandwich, and then I had a small serving of mac n chese, Kraft style. It's difficult to control urges when you're used to eating more than what you're allowing yourself to eat. It's only day one trying to control myself though, I'm positive it will become alot easier, or at least, I'm hoping it will.

364 days.

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